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2019 is coming to an end, and with it comes the end of a decade. Take a moment to reflect on the last 10 years of your life; what have you accomplished? Have you reached the goals that you set out for yourself? Are there memorable moments, both good and bad, that have impacted who you are now?

Are you the same person today, that you were ten years ago? This question is not about physical maturity, but mental, emotional, and intellectual growth.

For a lot of us, this decade has brought with it its fair share of broken pieces and ruins—this is normal. Life is after all a collection of moments, not all of which are pleasant or kind. We each are meeting the new decade with some level of brokenness. This is normal, in fact, this is expected of us.

Remember that Rome was rebuilt from the ashes of war and conflict; New York was fashioned out of the ruins of homes, libraries and cathedrals left over from the war; even Jerusalem remains standing despite unending conflict and destruction. These are cities, gigantic areas that have withstood the test of time and tides of life. How much more you, a singularity in the vast expanse of the universe. The ruins within us and around us do not prevent us from becoming our best and most actualized selves.

This is exemplified perfectly by the Japanese practice of kintsugi (金継ぎ), or kintsukuroi (金繕い), which literally translates to golden (“kin”) and repair (“tsugi”). This practice reinforces the idea that scars tell stories, and that ruins can be rebuilt and reforged with precious metals to create art and beauty.

You have capacity within you to withstand any trial before you, and the power to command the winds and the waves of life around you to work in your favor. Like the cities of old who rose up from the ashes renewed, you are able to rise up, reborn through the ashes and purified like precious metal, so that in the new decade you stand in the places of power and purpose that you have been called to.


You have been chosen, called, and set apart for such as time as this!


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