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Maximizing Your Potential

Whether you have been equipped to take charge of your purpose and run the race or you are still struggling to find your purpose, it is important to know that distractions WILL come from every corner. Furthermore, you need to understand that these distractions can often take the form of opportunities, opportunities that look immensely appealing to the average eye. It is for this reason that for the next few posts, we will be discussing tools that one can utilize to not only streamline their focus, but to maximize their potential. With a proper understanding of these tools, you can be successful at whatever stage you are in the journey of actualizing your purpose.

If you are like me, and desperately determined to live a life of value and purpose on this earth, the very first tool you need to understand and utilize is TIME. Time is a precious commodity that we chase after and attempt to hold firmly to. Every second, minute, hour, of every day is crucial! I recently posted a quote that stated, “time waits for no man: take advantage of your youth to chase your dreams.’’ 

If you are wondering why I chose to use the word youth, it is because your youth is the height of your potential. When you are young, you have ample time and energy to build your empire and grow in your strengths. As you get older however, you lose the vitality that should have driven you in your youth. Your old age should be the time for you to enjoy the fruits of your labor; unfortunately, this is the time when people realize their purpose and begin to take steps to work towards it.

There is a reason why everyone refers to time in the context of money.  Despite this, I wonder why some of us, equipped with the same 24hrs in the day, still wind up with empty pockets and bank accounts. I gathered that it is because we sell our time for such a CHEAP price. We spend too much of our time wondering where the time went, especially when we realize that we haven’t used our time wisely and have accomplished next to nothing. A great writer once said, “understand that time and chance happens to all.’’ This is to say that once time is utilized effectively, you stand a chance of actually maximizing your value on earth.

Ask yourself the following questions and critically reflect upon them:

  1. What is the breakdown of my 24hr day? 

  2. From the time I open my eyes, to the time I close them, am I feeling accomplished and actually accomplishing things?

  3. At this juncture, what have I created, produced, developed or birthed with the time I’ve had?


at the end of the day, when all is said and done, you will have to answer to your heart, your God, or whatever higher power you look to, and provide account of what you did with the time you had and the life you lived.

The world is in need of your potential!

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