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Updated: Dec 30, 2018

As children, we are almost always carefree—we grow up believing that anything is attainable for us, and that we are impervious to harm. We grow up wanting to be firefighters, superheroes, even whole planets, because to us, from the low place we are due to our size, our horizons are endless and the possibilities limitless.  For most of us, growing up teaches us a harsh lesson about reality, about unfairness, about limits and boundaries, and most importantly, about disappointments. Without conscious volition, we become jaded, cynical and narrow minded. We lose sight of the vision that we’d had for our life, and we give up on our dreams.

Life teaches us to favor all the trappings of being busy without the benefit of actually bringing our purpose and vision to fruition.  This is not just wrong, it is detrimental to our peace of mind and eventual happiness. Yes, life is stressful, there is no doubt about that, but what makes the difference is how you handle the stressors that arise in your life. Barriers are significant stressors in our lives. When you are consistently blocked at every venture, and hit from left to right by naysayer after naysayer, it becomes difficult to see the light. 

Barriers can do two things in our life; they can either reinforce the notion of unfairness and limitations that life tries to beat into our skull as the only reality OR they can force us to become creative, to find new ways to go above and around what hinders us.

Escaping from a jaded, cynical outlook on life requires commitment. You must be committed to once again seeing a world of possibilities in even the littlest things.

If you can believe that your goal or vision is attainable again, half of the battle is won already.
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