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Actualizing One's Purpose: Determined or Defeated

Whoever made you believe that your life would provide you with a smooth ride, not only lied to you, but fooled you as well. Life, despite its moments of serenity and beauty, can be both dark and stormy. It can be full of turmoil and tribulations, of heartrending disappointments and stumbling blocks. Life can throw curveball after curveball at you to the point where you feel too broken to rise up, and too bitter to regroup! This is fact….this is life….BUT this is not all there is to it.

It is important to note that most of the time, the defining quality of your struggle isn’t in WHAT you are going through, rather it's about HOW you are going through what you are going through. 

Individuals, especially when faced with travails, can be characterized under two broad categories: the determined and the defeatists.

  • The determined are those individuals who, despite the magnitude of the problem(s) surrounding them, are ready and willing to overcome by all means. These individuals make plans and execute them; they keep their eyes affixed upon their purpose and the goals they’ve set to accomplish it; though they may be derailed for a time by one thing or the other, they are never destroyed.

  • On the other hand, an individual with a defeatist attitude lacks confidence in their competence; this means that they believe with an unwavering certainty that they are incapable of succeeding, of surmounting challenges, and of surviving their current struggle/circumstance. 

Henry Ford, in one of his most quotable moments said, “whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” This quote speaks to the importance of belief in the actualization of one’s purpose. If you fervently believe that you can rise above your current situation, you WILL do so. This is not to say that belief alone leads to success; success instead is a byproduct of belief coupled with hard work and perseverance. When you believe strongly in something or someone, you say and do things that let other people know that! In the same way, your belief in yourself and your ability to rise above, pushes you to set goals, make plans, and actualize them—you become successful because you joined your belief with concrete action.

Therefore, do not allow adverse situations, calamitous circumstances, or even unfavorable friends/family to change WHO you are—to change you from a determined person to a defeated one! What you are going through MUST NEVER define WHO you are.

You are unique, precious, and possessing of gifts and talents that the world needs to see! You are worthy of being seen, heard, and celebrated. Whether you believe it or not, there is nothing new under the sun; someone somewhere has gone through whatever it is you are going through, and they have prevailed. This is why you must not allow crisis, situations, or hardships to define you! Remember, life flows in waves and phases—there are good times and bad, hard times and glad. While some phases last longer than others, ALL phases, especially the trying ones, come to an end. So, stay focused, endure and sail forward


Know who and of whom you are—defeated or determined, the choice is yours!

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