Get To Know Us

CRUMBLE is actively engaged in providing programming opportunities that address the underrepresentation of African, Caribbean, and Black (ACB) individuals in what are considered 'key' industries in today's sociopolitical climate. This is accomplished by engaging ACB youth and young adults through empowerment and leadership initiatives. Our programming utilizes a strength-based approach and is grounded in a positive youth development framework. The guiding principles and tenets of this framework that are intrinsic to our program options include the following:

  1. All youth have the inherent capacity for positive growth and development

  2. A positive developmental trajectory is enabled when youth are embedded in relationships, contexts, and environments that nurture their development

  3. The promotion of positive development is further enabled when youth participate in multiple nutrient-rich relationships and contexts

  4. Community is a critical delivery system for positive youth development

  5. Youth are major actors in their own development and are significant (and underutilized) resources for creating the kinds of relationships, contexts, and communities that enable positive youth development


Our Beliefs

We believe that each of us is created with a purpose and that though this purpose can be deviated from, it is never deleted. We believe that leadership is part of this purpose, and that each individual is created not only to be a leader in their own right but to cultivate leaders who are both conscientious and just in their ambitions. 


We carry with us a lot of baggage and impurities that dampen and often eliminate our ability to become our truest selves, our ability to blossom into the fullness of our destiny. Crumbling does not refer to the destruction of the person; rather, to crumble in this sense means to have all the excuses, excesses, weaknesses, and baggage that prevents the full expression of one’s true self, collapse, disintegrate, and fall away, so that all that remains is the pure being; you, chiseled out of the marble of your imperfections, into the masterpiece you are meant to be.


Our Vision and Mission

Advocating Change

At Crumble, our vision is to foster champions, leaders, world influencers, men and women of valor and fortitude who are empowered to make themselves known and take over with a rumbling—a rumbling of the system, shaking and altering the status quo.


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